Watch our On-Demand Webinar: Are You Data-Ready for PdM in Energy?

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Webinar: Are You Data-Ready for Predictive Maintenance in Energy?

February 27, 2019
This webinar will educate you to the key data requirements needed for a successful AI predictive analytics project and equip you with ideas on how to improve your data quality. How much data do you need for a machine learning project? What systems and infrastructure must be in place to make it accessible? Are you prepared to take advantage of real-time data streaming? We’ll answer these questions and more so that you can further evaluate machine learning projects. Key Learning Objectives: 1) Differentiate the productivity benefits from AI-enabled PdM over existing methods 2) Understand the requirements and benchmarks for data to be usable in AI PdM 3) Learn how data-enabled PdM caught a unique, never-before-seen turbine failure, saving the operator millions
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