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  • Automate Model Building with Darwin1:37

    Automate Model Building with Darwin

    By leveraging the best of genetic algorithms and deep learning, Darwin provides the next step into the future of artificial intelligence. Activate the value of your data today in our 15-day free trial

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  • DeepArmor: Endpoint Protection, Built from AI1:50

    DeepArmor: Endpoint Protection, Built from AI

    The DeepArmor endpoint protection platform uses the power of big data and our patented machine learning algorithms to prevent the most advanced, modern-day attacks. Find out how DeepArmor can add a co

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  • Reimagine Industrial Maintenance with SparkPredict1:36

    Reimagine Industrial Maintenance with SparkPredict

    SparkPredict is a turnkey solution that analyzes sensor data and uses machine learning to return actionable insights, flagging suboptimal operations and identifying impending failures before they occu

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  • Join the SparkCognition Team!4:23

    Join the SparkCognition Team!

    SparkCognition is looking to add new members to our team to make a positive, lasting impact on the field of artificial intelligence. Create the future with us! Find out what jobs are available here: h

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  • Shaping the Future of Travel and Transport - Boeing and SparkCognition5:22

    Shaping the Future of Travel and Transport - Boeing and SparkCognition

    Boeing is collaborating with SparkCognition to deliver unmanned aircraft system traffic management solutions. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2L1giJm Subscribe to SparkCognition on YouTube: http://bit.ly/

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  • What Makes a Good Machine Learning Project  SparkCognition2:10

    What Makes a Good Machine Learning Project SparkCognition

    The power of machine learning is clear, but implementation is still a little hazy. SparkCognition explores three best practices to making machine learning work for you.

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  • The Future of Utilities Starts with Connected Power Plants2:06

    The Future of Utilities Starts with Connected Power Plants

    Energy is everything. This is most obvious when we have to go without it. Unexpected downtime is devastating to utilities companies, but SparkCognition can help. See how SparkPredict can change...

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  • The Basics of Machine Learning2:41

    The Basics of Machine Learning

    AI is changing business practices today, but it is still widely unclear what exactly AI is. SparkCognition breaks down machine learning in an easy-to-digest format for the world to see.

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  • Standardizing Machine Learning Models1:43

    Standardizing Machine Learning Models

    Machine learning models are incredibly useful, and relatively easy to build. However, standardizing them is a different story. Follow these steps to ensure you can reuse models and work smarter...

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  • Predictive Maintenance on Critical Assets2:12

    Predictive Maintenance on Critical Assets

    On an oil rig assets range from replaceable to critically important. Predictive maintenance exists to ensure all assets in this range are safe from unplanned downtime.

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  • IoT & ML in Maritime2:09

    IoT & ML in Maritime

    The maritime industry has been gearing itself toward the internet of things in recent years. The data is already captured on ships, it is now a matter of applying machine learning to that data to...

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  • IoT & Machine Learning2:03

    IoT & Machine Learning

    By now you've heard of the "Internet of Things," but what exactly does that entail? SparkCognition delves deeper into what constitutes "things" in the internet.

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  • IoT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas2:27

    IoT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas

    Oil and gas companies have been collecting data from sensors for over a decade, but not all of this data is going to good use. SparkCognition breaks down how the IoT and ML can be used to reduce this

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  • IoT & Machine Learning in Manufacturing1:59

    IoT & Machine Learning in Manufacturing

    Manufacturers have innovated and streamlined how they build things, but they're behind on how they analyze the data they are extracting. SparkCognition determines which areas of manufacturing could...

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  • IoT & Machine Learning in Industrial Turbines2:15

    IoT & Machine Learning in Industrial Turbines

    Industrial turbines are massive, complex, and expensive. Maintenance and unplanned downtime is a huge problem for these companies, but with the IoT and ML, it is possible to change the way...

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  • How to Compare Cybersecurity Products3:06

    How to Compare Cybersecurity Products

    Today there are too many antivirus programs to count. So how do you know which one is the best one? Follow our three step guide to understand which AV is best for you.

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  • Cognitive Analytics Securing OT Systems for Oil & Gas2:01

    Cognitive Analytics Securing OT Systems for Oil & Gas

    The oil and gas industry has sensors on everything, which is good for data collection but bad for security. Each sensor acts as an endpoint that could be a potential in for cyber criminals...

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  • Buy or Build?2:22

    Buy or Build?

    Big data is a problem for everyone, but what method a company should take to harness this data varies. Determine whether the right solution for you is to buy or build an AI solution using our steps.

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  • Automated Model Building2:54

    Automated Model Building

    Automated Model Building is a complex subject, but with SparkCognition's help you can be an expert too. Watch to see our four-part break down of exactly what automated model building is.

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  • A More Effective Approach to Unsupervised Learning with Time Series Data1:57

    A More Effective Approach to Unsupervised Learning with Time Series Data

    Regular data analysis isn't cutting it anymore. See how SparkCognition is using unsupervised learning to monitor assets today.

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