Tomorrow’s Workforce at SparkCognition

June 29, 2017 SparkCognition

At SparkCognition, we’re in the business of making predictions. Here’s one of the easiest we’ve made to date: our interns have spectacularly bright futures!

According to the McKinsey Global Institute (and cited in our very own Keith Moore’s latest blog post), “The United States may face a 50 to 60 percent gap between the supply and the demand for deep analytic talent in the coming future.” Luckily for us, helping to bridge that gap are a group of incredibly gifted and passionate students. We continue to be impressed by the level of talent of those vying for internships at our company. They continually impress with their work ethic and innovative ideas. And this summer, SparkCognition is proud to have interns from some of the country’s top colleges- University of Texas, Texas A&M, Duke, and Stanford- join our already stellar team.

What makes us so lucky to have the best and brightest? What’s on their minds as they plan for their future? We asked them just that! After graduation, many hope to become data scientists and software engineers; some will be data analysts; a few are going into marketing and PR; and one is joining the Air Force!

So, why SparkCognition and not one of the larger companies they interviewed with (like St. Jude’s Medical, Dow Chemical, Toyota, IBM, Athena, and a list of others)? Primarily, they told us they are excited about the innovative and unique nature of what we do at SparkCognition. Being able to do work that is directly applied to ongoing projects and not just research or busy work is a big motivator. Getting in on the “ground floor” of the quickly evolving world of machine learning and artificial intelligence is an exciting and rare opportunity. And finally, working side-by-side with the founder of the company and having direct access to the brightest minds in the industry are things they knew they wouldn’t find at larger tech companies.

But it’s not all work and no play for these go-getters. Their pastimes are as fun and unique as they are. They are guitar and video game players, polo and basketball players, surfers, flyers, runners, and dancers. And many of them are actively involved in giving back to their communities.

We’re excited to be working with such bright new talent, and we hope they take everything they learn at SparkCognition into the successful careers that lie ahead of them.

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