Cybersecurity at BlackHat 2017: Artificial Intelligence for Malware Woes

July 17, 2017 Rick Pither

Although I’m only attending for two days, I’m excited to be a part of this knowledge share in the world of cybersecurity at BlackHat.

There is no doubt artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will be big themes at this year’s Blackhat. While some have grown weary of the constant barrage of AI and ML claims, we’re cutting through the noise by challenging people to walk through the differences between the contenders and pretenders. If you want to learn more about separating the real machine learning companies from bandwagon-jumpers looking to cash in on the latest trend, take a look at “5 Questions Any Machine Learning Company Should Be Able to Answer.” True AI solutions are bringing exciting developments to detection and protection from cybercrime.

I’m most looking forward to building relationships with peers in the security profession and learning from their experiences. Having already set a few meetings to discuss SparkCognition and our story, I’ve allotted time to attend a couple of interesting sessions and keynotes. Specifically, I’m intrigued by Alex Stamos’ highly anticipated briefing on re-examining the security community and focusing on defending against our adversaries. This discussion is timely and necessary. The industry has a responsibility to step back and address how to put our best foot forward in helping protect people. From a technology perspective, hackers are using AI and other cognitive techniques to improve their malicious attacks, so why isn’t there a wider recognition for this technology in the protection from the attacks? This is the type of question and discussion I am eager to participate in while at BlackHat.

A few other sessions I ‘m looking forward to:

  • “Lies, and Damn Lies: Getting Past the Hype of Endpoint Security Solutions” Linda Giuliano and Mike Spaulding
  • “Garbage In, Garbage Out: How Purportedly Great Machine Learning Models Can Be Screwed Up By Bad Data” Hillary Sanders
  • “When IoT Attacks: Understanding the Safety Risks Associated with Connected Devices” Billy Rios and Jonathan Butts

I look forward to the dialogue created from these sessions, and adding SparkCognition’s ideas and knowledge to the discussion. If you see me at the conference, feel free to stop me and say hello; or better yet, ask me about SparkCognition and how we can create security confidence for your organization.

If you want to find some time to talk AI with SparkCognition, be sure to get in touch with us here.

To learn more about AI and what we do at SparkCognition, check out this webinar!


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