A Week in Review and Big Announcement on August 3

August 2, 2016 SparkCognition
It’s been an exciting few weeks for us here at SparkCognition! We’ve been recognized on all fronts from predictive analytics and cybersecurity to partnership expansion. And the good news keep rolling out!

This wouldn’t happen without a top notch team of dedicated, hard-working, and passionate individuals who believe in building the future of Artificial Intelligence. Special thanks go to our customers, partners, supporters, and most of all, our engineers, data scientists, and product managers who are building the core technology of SparkCognition.

Without further ado, here’s SparkCognition in the news from last week. Be sure to tune in for a big announcement tomorrow!

1. Predictive Analytics

From TechCrunch: How predictive analytics discovers a data breach before it happens

“The challenges are the same, yet amplified, as those encountered when applying analytics in general,” says Lucas McLane (CISSP), Director of Security Technology at machine learning startup SparkCognition. “This is because predictive analytic processing requires a lot more computing resources (i.e. CPU, memory, disk I/O throughput, etc.). This is especially true when the algorithms are operating on large-scale data sets. Predictive analytics engines need to be paired with computing resources that are designed to scale with the volume of data targeted for analysis.”

See how we’re applying predictive analytics to the wind and oil and gas industries!

2. Cybersecurity

From Christian Science Monitor & Yahoo Tech: Machines v. hackers: Cybersecurity’s artificial intelligence future

“[…] Data collection and data processing are two tasks that McKinsey’s study identified as the most susceptible to being automated. And refinements in artificial intelligence sometimes referred to as “deep learning” increasingly give machines the ability to mimic human intuition – a “sixth sense” that sees patterns others miss,” said Amir Husain, CEO of SparkCognition.

From The Street: Should You Stop Sending Private Messages Over Email?

According to Amir Husain, CEO of cyber security firm SparkCognition, most people broadcast highly sensitive information across a very public platform.

“Email is based on a text format. There is nothing about email that incorporates security or encryption,” he said. “It’s basically an open network based on trust. From that there is the huge benefit that anybody on the planet can connect with anybody else on the planet, but the downside is that you can have what many people perceive to be a trusted communication scheme contributed to by people with malicious intent.”

Security is getting more complex, and organizations need to step up their game. Take a deeper look into what our security technology can do for you.

3. Partnership Expansion

From InformationWeek: Using AI To Fight Cyberthreats

SparkCognition, a company that applies machine learning to predictive analytics, has begun working with Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI) to develop an automated threat identification and remediation system that works in conjunction with IBM’s Watson.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.08.27 PM
Here are a few words from Keith Moore, our Product Manager at SparkCognition

“We are looking forward to working with one of the nation’s leading cybersecurity programs. The company is building solutions that address cyber risk and resilience, software vulnerability, insider threat, secure coding practices, and other areas. Together, we are leading in new approaches, analysis tools, and training options to improve the practice of cybersecurity in private and public sector organizations, and we’re excited to collaborate with the SEI in pursuit of that mission.”

Check out key data points that we’ve collected about the rising trend of cyber-attacks, and the role of AI in cybersecurity.

From Open Markets: The Next Generation of Financial Data is Coming

Drilling even deeper into next generation data with automated model creation is the work of the cognitive analytics startup from Austin, Texas, SparkCognition.

CEO Amir Husain told Tech Talk that its financial platforms are able to spot anomalous patterns in a veritable sea of data.

“We’ve proven that it works and it works very well,” Husain says. “Today we have close to 40 clients, some of them the best-known companies in the world.

Sign up for our webinar with InfoSec Magazine: Cognitive Security: How Artificial Intelligence Is Your New Best Friend


Counting down to the big news tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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