How the Future of Cybersecurity Depends on AI/ML

January 14, 2019

SparkCognition's Director of Cybersecurity, Rick Pither, discusses the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the cyber security landscape. For more information on AI in cybersecurity visit:


  • SparkCognition Introduction
  • Our Adversary Has Evolved; Have We?
  • Are We Focused on the Wrong Things?
  • How to Weave AI/ML into Your Environment
  • Short DeepArmor Overview

Adversaries are getting so good at masking their attacks that traditional technologies aren't the best way to handle this any longer. Your IT Security Team will not scale.

Take advantage of compute power that we now have available to us at relatively low costs.

DeepArmor fills in the gaps that other cybersecurity solutions fail to. Access a FREE 15-day trial of DeepArmor. 

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DeepArmor Platform Architecture
DeepArmor Platform Architecture

Advanced Endpoint Protection Testing Report
Advanced Endpoint Protection Testing Report